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@Terminalpfcbakes, Director of Public Relations

There is not enough space in a uterus for a pregnancy and legislation. I am pro- choice because every body has a right to comprehensive sex education, accessible reproductive healthcare, and body autonomy. 

Savannah, Louisiana State Director

I am pro-choice because I’m pro-women, pro-equality and pro-LGBTQ+. We are more than wombs, we are people who deserve fundamental rights. We may be living in a society built by the patriarchy, but it’s future is female, colorful, and very progressive. And I will never stop fighting for that future.

Olivia Warrior, California State Director

I am pro choice because Women/people are full human beings. Not incubators and not property of the government.  Everyone including pregnant people deserve the basic human right to bodily autonomy. Forcing people to go through pregnancy and birth is cruel. Abortion is healthcare. 

Josie, Activism Director

I’m pro choice because everyone deserves to make the best decision for themselves and their mental health.

Kathryn, Michigan State Director

I am Pro-Choice because I believe that everyone has the right to give, deny and withdraw consent for their body for any reason, at any time. Abortion bans don’t stop abortions, they only cause needless death of women through un-safe abortions.

Grace, Social Activism Engagement & Volunteer Recruitment

I am pro-choice because I believe in the equality and empowerment of all women. I have a deep passion for activism and am committed to fighting for women’s rights and equity within our legislative systems.

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I am pro-choice because women/people are the only ones who can decide what to do with their bodies. The government shouldn’t have a say in someone’s personal choices. It’s not just a black and white concept, and i hope to show people the importance of that.

Jenn, Director of Content Moderation

I am pro choice because everyone should have a right to make the best decision for themselves and not be punished when it does not fit someone else's agenda.

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